If you have ever tried to install a standing seam snow guard and become frustrated with alignment, this product will solve the problem. Designed to be part of a two-part installation system with any of the most popular S-5!® clamps, Levi’s 85RF Snow Defender aligns correctly on the seam connection every time.

The 85RF is designed to combine the versatility of the S-5!® clamp systems with the beauty and durability of the Snow Defender™ series. It adapts quickly to the clamps using one bolt that is easily accessed from the top and aligns squarely every time. A versatile snow guard that fits vertical folded seam profiles for
S-5!®, U, S, N, V, clamps (sold separately). It’s made of stainless steel in the USA, available in 40 plus color finishes, and the 85RF features Levi’s 15 year warranty. View Color Chart.

• Type 304 Stainless Steel

• Does Not Penetrate Metal

• Powder Coated or Mill Finish

• No Caulk Needed

• Patented

• Fits Multiple Standing Seam Profiles

• Aligns Squarely on Roof

Snow Defender 85RF
SD85RFSnow Defender 85RF DECO3222.8

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