Dekstrip expandable-edge flashing is the answer to flashing large, curved or awkward profiles. It’s ideal for square ducts, chimneys and skylights. Expandable edge flashing stretches to any shape, seals and stays. Fast, easy and effective…just fit it and forget it! 

• Gray TPE has a continuous service temperature range of 58°F to +240°F

• Serpentine edges stretch up to 25% for added length

• Paintable after installation 

• Wraps around almost any profile

• Absorbs vibration and handles expansion 

DEKSTR99" Dekstrip9"75'130.1
DEKSTR1212" Dekstrip12"75'136.6
DEKSTR1099" Dekstrip9"10'14.9
DEKSTR1818" Dekstrip18"50'135.0

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