The FrameGrip™ structural screw from Levi’s Building Components® is an excellent choice for a lag screw alternative. FrameGrip™ structural screws require no pre-drilling and can be used in both indoor and outdoor structural applications. The T-17 and Saw Thread allow for quick and easy drilling, while the U Thread creates added space to increase draw strength and reduce risk of wood splitting.

• Lag screw alternative

 U threads

 Type 17 point

 Saw Thread

 Compatible with treated lumber

 T30 or T40 star drive

 Star drive bit included

 ICC ESR 4504

FrameGrip Bucket Quantities
FrameGrip Carton Quantities
5163FGBU5/16" x 3"T-30 Star DriveT-1750017.7
5164FGBU5/16" x 4"T-30 Star DriveT-1750021.7
5165FGBU5/16" x 5"T-30 Star DriveT-1750026.8
5166FGBU5/16" x 6"T-30 Star DriveT-1725016.0
388FGBU5/16" x 8"T-40 Star DriveT-1715015.9
5163FGBX5/16" x 3"T-30 Star DriveT-17501.8
5164FGBX5/16" x 4"T-30 Star DriveT-17502.2
5165FGBX5/16" x 5"T-30 Star DriveT-17502.7
5166FGBX5/16" x 6"T-30 Star DriveT-17503.1
388FGBX5/16" x 8"T-40 Star DriveT-17252.7

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