Made of cross-linked polyethylene and available with an adhesive strip that stays tacky even in cold weather. This high density foam filler strip is die-cut and packaged in rows so counting out the number needed is easy. 

• Available with or without adhesive 

• 1.5 lb – 2lb density 

• Cross-linked polyethylene 

Closure Strips
34COG3/4" High Rib Outer w/glue36"1"1004.9
24CIG3/4' High Rib Inner w/glue36"1"1003.4
34CO3/4" High Rib Outer w/o glue36"1"1003.9
34CI3/4" High Rib Inner w/o glue36"1"1002.6
34SRGStrong Rib Outer w/glue36"1"1005.1
PDCGPanel Drain Out w/glue (symmetrical)36"1"1004.6
RPCOR Panel Outer w/o glue36"1"1006.0
RPCIR Panel Inner w/o glue36"1"1003.4
RPCOGR Panel Outer w/glue36"1"1007.0
RPCIGR Panel Inner w/glue36"1"1004.1
APCOGApex Panel Outer w/glue36"1"1005.0
APCIApex Panel Inner w/o glue36"1"1002.0

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