The stainless steel Fastgrip™ series of screws does not compromise on the true size of its aluminum ½” diameter washer. Available in 40 plus quick ship colors, the Fastgrip™ easily drills through aluminum panels and is prepared to handle tough installation conditions. The Fastgrip™ stainless steel is backed by Levi’s 50 year warranty.

• 300 series stainless steel

• Aluminum EPDM washer 1/2” OD

• Fastens metal to wood

• Easily drills through aluminum panels 

Part #DescriptionHead StyleDrill PtPcs/BucketLbs/Bucket
91SS#9 x 1"1/4" HexSP3,00024.2
9114SS#9 x1-1/4"1/4" HexSP2,50022.7
9112SS#9 x 1-1/2"1/4" HexSP2,50026.1
92SS#9 x 2"1/4" HexSP2,00024.7
9212SS#9 x 2-1/2"1/4" HexSP1,50022.3
93SS#9 x 3"1/4" HexSP1,00017.5

Pull Out Strength

SubstratePenetrationPull Out Strength
7/16" OSBFull180
1/2" PlyFull327
3/4" PlyFull465
2 x Yellow Pine1"894
2 x Spruce Pine Fir1"692
2 x Spruce Pine Fir1 - 1/2"1,264

Pull Over Strength

SubstrateGaugeThicknessPull Over Strength
AZ55 Galvalume290.014411
AZ55 Galvalume260.018567
AZ55 Galvalume240.024788

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