Snow retention systems are designed to retain snow and ice on roofs, reducing the possibility of damage to gutter, adjacent roofs, landscape, vehicles or people below. This system features a versatile bar-type for snow retention which utilizes a strip of the actual roof material as an insert to provide a perfect color-match for the life of the roof. 

• No panel penetration 

• Does not violate panels’ thermal movement 

• Unequaled holding strength 

• S-5! attachment does not violate roof system warranties 

• Will not damage the roof or finish 

• ColorGaurd uses 2″ strips of your roofing material so it will match the color of your rood for the entire life of the roof

• Manufactured from mill finished aircraft quality aluminum 

S-5! clamps offer durability and reliability on a variety of standing seam profiles. One size does not fit all – each clamp style is designed to have maximum holding strength while maintaining the roof’s weather-tightness and preserving the roof manufacturer’s warranty. 

• S-5-E Clamp: designed specifically for double-folded standing seam roof profiles. Smaller than the S-5-U clamp, but every bit as strong 

• S-5-N Clamp: designed for use on popular 1″ nail strip metal roof profiles 

• S-5-S Clamp: extremely versatile and created for popular snap-together standing seam profiles 

• S-5-T Clamp: fits certain profiles having a “T-shaped” seam configuration. Its 2-piece design allows it to be easily installed anywhere along the length of the panel seam 

• S-5-U Clamp: the most popular and versatile clamp. It will fit about 85% of the standing seam profiles manufactured in North America – including most structural and architectural profiles. It can be used on vertically oriented seams, and by rotating the clamp 90°, it can also be used on most horizontal 2″ seam profiles 

• S-5-V Clamp: a versatile clamp that fits vertical-folded seam profiles including most structural and architectural profiles 

• S-5 Minis: a bit shorter than regular versions designed for medium-duty with one set screw rather than two. The mini is the choice for attaching all kinds of rooftop accessories like signs, satellite dishes or lighting. Note: not for use with snow retention

Item #DescriptionLb/Each
S5NS-5! N Clamp0.4
S5SS-5! S Clamp0.4
S5US-5! U Clamp0.4
S5VS-5! V Clamp0.4
S5CRS-5! Aluminum ColorGard Rail (8')3.9
S5CRPS-5! Aluminum ColorGard Rail Punched 4" OC (8')4.0
S5CORS-5! CorruBracket TM (bolt not included)0.2
S5CLIPIIS-5! Snoclip II (Up to 2" seam height)0.2
S5CLIPIIIS-5! Snoclip III0.3
S5VERS-5! Versa Clip0.1
S547S-5! 47 Versa Bracket0.2
S5N15S-5! N 1 1/2"0.4
S5CLIPIIRETROS-5! Snoclip II Retrofit0.1
S5CLIPIIIRETROS-5 Snoclip III Retrofit0.2
S5ES-5! E Clamp0.2
S5TS-5T Clamp0.5
S5PVS-5! Solar Clip PV Kit0.1
10S5B10 mm SS Bolt 5/8 inch long0.1
S5TMINIS-5! T Mini0.3
S5UMINIS-5! U Mini0.2
S5BS-5! B Clamp0.4
S5-H90S-5! Universal H90 Clamp0.3
S5-H90MINIS-5! Universal H90 Mini Clamp0.1
S5ZS-5! Z Clamp0.4
8M16MFB8mm x 16mm Flange Bolt - 47 Versa Bracket0.01
8MMNUT8mm SS Flanged Nut0.02

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