FastVent Plus™ provides ventilation and uniform air flow for the proper maintenance of metal roofs. Uniquely engineered breathable closure strips eliminate any leak oath into the ridge area by completely sealing against the panel profile. This form-fit reduces wind-driven rain problems to a minimum. Closed cell polyethylene completely surrounds the open-cell venting foam.

• Tight seal

• Low profile 

• Superior venting 

• Easy install – Contractor friendly 

• Fire retardant/UV stable 

• Permanent glue strips 

FastVent Plus
FASPLUFastVent Plus Ag Panel3'1 - 3/4"75'253.2
FASPLURPFastVent Plus R Panel3'1 - 3/4"60'203.3
FASPLUSSFastVent Plus Standing Seam2' 8"1 - 3/4"60'253.3
FASPLUAPFastVent Apex Panel3'1 - 3/4"75'254.0

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