The Snow Defender® 4500 is the snow guard you need for long lasting protection against melting snow. Designed for use with exposed fastener panels on 2×4 purlins in the flat position.


The EPDM Rubber seal makes installation quick and easy. No extra caulk to take up on the roof, just screws and snow guards. The 304 stainless steel design and ability to use up to a #14 screw for fastening assures that these snow guards stay on the roof. They come in 40+ colors which allows you to match virtually any metal roofing color. They are designed for use with wood furring strips or purlins under metal. The traditional look adds character to your roof project while protecting people, vehicles, and landscaping below. The Snow Defender® 4500 allows snow to come off the roof in small pieces, while keeping it from sliding off all at once. View Color Chart.


Not for use with standing seam roof

• Made with 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel

 EPDM rubber sealer 

 Powder coated

 Multiple colors in stock 

 50 pieces per 15 pound box

 No caulk needed

 Textured colors available 

Snow Defender 4500
SD45Snow Defender 45005015.1

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