Ensure a weather tight seal with Emseal®, a self-adhering, flexible foam sealant which expands to fill contours and gaps. Use Emseal® to seal out dust, air, wind-driven snow and moisture through joint details in metal building roofs. Suitable for use against metal, plastic, wood, concrete and other common metal building structures. The Emseal® expanding sealant is UV-stable and will not dry out and become hard or brittle. The Expanding Foam Sealant maintains a seal during thermal expansion and contraction of building panels. The sealant has a self-adhesive on one side. After removal of packaging, the material begins gradual expansion. Durable and versatile solution for difficult to seal areas. 

• UV-stable 

• Will not dry out or become hard and brittle

• Self-adhering 

• Highly resistant to bugs and vermin 

• Conforms and contours to fill gaps

• Good thermal and sound insulator  

EM1121 - 1/2"1"13.12'2419

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