Based on the design of the popular Snow Defender® 6500, this color matched, 304 stainless steel model has the more traditional, historic look of a cast snowguard. The decorative cutouts are embossed for increased strength and the proven attachment method using set screws means the Snow Defender® 7500 DECO™ will last the life of your roof.

This strong 304 stainless design and patented non-piercing clamping attachment allows snow retention on most standing seam profiles. It’s also available in 40 plus colors that match with popular standing seam roof colors.View Color Chart.

• Made with type 304 stainless steel

• 410 Stainless Steel Set Screws to Prevent Seizing

• Powder Coated or Mill Finish

• Multiple Colors In Stock

• Copper Plated Also Available

• 32 Pieces per Box

• Does Not Penetrate Through Metal

• Patented

• Excellent Fade Resistance

Copper Plated Also Available

This is a regular stainless mill finish snow guard that has been copper plated and polished. Stainless and copper work together making this snow guard different than our normal powder coated copper snow guard. Our copper plated snow guard will patina over time, along with your real copper metal roof! The two photos show an example of how the copper plated snow guard will patina over time. 

Snow Defender 7500
SD75Snow Defender 7500 DECO3230.9
SDCOP75Snow Defender 7500 DECO Copper Plated3231.25

Also Available

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