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Uplift Plate Post Frame Anchor

Post Frame Anchor System

Stronger Than Rebar - Quicker Than Rebar - Better Than Rebar

Uplift Plate™ is a revolutionary new product that saves post-frame builders time and money, while exceeding the uplift requirements; it's the new way to anchor your post fame buildings. This state-of-the-art design securely anchors posts to concrete without requiring time-consuming drilling. These inexpensive plates are field applied with just a framing hammer, eliminating the extra tools and time associated with rebar or other uplift techniques. Simply hammer the plates onto the post and it’s ready to set in the ground for the concrete pour.

No Rebar

UNDERSTANDING HOW IT WORKS In order to anchor a post properly you need to make sure the post and the concrete are fused for life. Older techniques involve drilling holes though the post and pounding in a piece of rebar. Or nailing a piece of wood to the post. Either one is only as strong as the material used to join it.

Why Choose Uplift Plate™ Over Rebar?

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Coated
    or Regular Version
  • Easy to Install
  • Low Cost, Great Value
  • 3 Times Stronger Than Rebar
  • Lightweight, Easy to Handle
  • Decay Resistant
  • Easily Applied at Worksite
  • Protects Center Post From the Elements
  • Creates a Strong Bond


Using Truss Plate Technology The stronger better alternative is Uplift Plate™. Uplift Plate™ is an adaption of truss plate technology that simplifies the process while strengthening the bond. With this new patented plated you will increase your holding power by 3 times when compared to two ½ inch pieces of rebar.

A certified professional engineer performed a study on mechanical tests comparing the strength and durability of both Rebar and the Up-Lift Plates encased in concrete. The study concluded that the Up-Lift Plate was three times stronger than rebar with its anchoring capabilities.

The key to the new Hot Dipped Galvanized coated version is it meets IBC code approval for Underground Application.

Saves both Time and Money, 50% less time to install and 300% stronger than Rebar, Uplift Plate is 100% the Right Choice!


For more information on Up-Lift Plate or to place an order,
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Model Part # Height Width PCS/BX Lb/Box
Galvanized UPLPLA 6-5/8" 3" 50 15  
Hot Dipped Galvanized* UPLPLAHD 6-5/8" 3" 50 16

*IBC Approved

post frame rebar alternative

Uplift Plate Installation Instructions

INSTALLATION IS EASY All you need to do is use carpenters hammer to pound the plate into the post with the teeth towards the post and the short portion of the panel to the lowest part of the post. Hammer till teeth are completely embedded into the lumber. Set the post in the pre-dug hole. Completely encase in concrete.

Order them today - If your supplier doesn't carry this awesome new product tell them to call Levi's Building Components to supply them. Download Uplift Plate Installation Instructions.

post frame rebar alternative


We like to use Uplift Plates because they are an easy, fast way to provide additional uplift protection on posts. Rather than cutting wood blocks or drilling holes and cutting rebar, we take the plate and with a hammer attach it at the bottom of the post. The Uplift Plates allow us more clearance to easily maneuver the post in the hole.

-Sylvan Stoltzfus
Owner, Timberline Buildings