Why is Product Photography Important in the Metal Roofing Industry?

Product Photography is an important part of the metal roofing industry and almost every single industry. By showing high quality product images on your social media pages, print materials, digital advertisements, and your website will increase your company’s chance for higher sales. 

Product photography is very important because the consumer will always be drawn to an image before they start reading the text. The images should be of high enough quality and eye catching enough to grab your consumers’ attention. Since we are living in a digital world today, consumers do not have the time and patience to read an article or scroll through a long post. They would rather see an eye-catching image that will lead them to your page and product that they are interested in purchasing. Images speak louder than words. 22% of products that are sold online are returned because the items look different than the photo looked. Having professional product photos is important because it sets an expectation for the customer, and they know exactly what they are looking at and receiving if purchased. 

Some companies may consider professional photography to be a long-term investment for your business. For a company like Levi’s, having our product photography developed professionally communicates to our customers that we are professional and creative. Our quality photography convinces our customers that Levi’s truly cares about their wants and needs, which allows them to stay loyal Levi’s customers that repeatedly purchase our products again and again. Our professional product images also testifies to our quality products and our quality brand identity. Our customers know that we provide top quality products and can see that in our photographs before making their purchase. Because we at Levi’s set such a high standard of product photography, we are able to set our brand apart from our competitors. 


Professional product photography is more complicated then just taking a photo. We use special techniques and professional photography equipment to make our products look the best that they can. Once a photo is taken, our team also must edit and retouch the photo to make sure that the product is being shown the way it should be. 


It is very important for a company in the metal roofing industry to have professional product photography especially for their customers. You want to make sure that you are showing your customers or potential customers exactly what products your company sells and exactly what they will receive if they make a purchase from you. A customer buying from you wants to see why exactly your fastener is better than a competitor’s fastener. Being able to see Levi’s quality products through our professional photography sets our brand apart from our competitors. 

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Alexa Hamm

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