Which Ridge Vent is Right for You?

Picking the right ridge vent is an important step for your roofing project. A ridge vent is installed at the peak of a sloped roof and then covered with a metal cap. It is designed to allow air to flow freely from the attic. You can increase your energy efficiency and increase the life of your roof with a properly installed ridge vent. 


We understand that each roofing project may have different requirements and even a budget. Here at Levi’s Building Components, we provide several solutions for ridge vents, which include: FloVent®, FloVent R120, FloVent R115, FloVent 9, and FastVent Plus 

FloVent 112 and FloVent 134

Branded together under simply “FloVent”, our premium ridge vent is created with Reticulated Foam. This durable and breathable material is fire retardant and UV stable. Out product is very contractor-friendly and can be installed with only one person. The pre-applied scrim tape adhesive allows for a quick and easy install. FloVent 112 and 134 are designed to fit many profiles.

FV1121-1/2″ for 7/8″ or lower rib heights10′2″104.5
FV1341-3/4″ for 1-1/4″ rib heights10′2″105.2

FloVent R120

FloVent R120 is a simple solution for varying roof profiles. The polyether foam compresses and conforms into every void between the ridge cap and roof panel to prevent weather element damage. This ridge vent product fits any roof panel configuration and can be used with any manufacturer’s ridge cap. The open-weave scrim tape offers a stronger, wider grip than glue strips and allows for easy one-man installs until the ridge is fastened with the ridge cap. Additionally, being both fire retardant and UV stable, this ridge vent prolongs the life of your roof. 

FloVent 9

FloVent 9 is a profiled metal roofing ridge vent with a fast and simple install for 3/4″ rib panels. Made with polyester fiber, the 3/4″ high rib 9″ on center profile cut allows for a perfect form it. The continuous adhesive strip holds the vent in place until it is fastened with the ridge cap, making it easy for one person to install it. The polyester fiber helps prolong the life of your roof by keeping out moisture, pests, and dirt, and by eliminating condensation to help protect your building.

FVR1201″ thick for 7/8″ or lower rib heights20′2″107.2
FV91″ thick for 3/4″ rib heights20′2″75114

FloVent 115

A simple solution and easy-install for varying roof profiles. This is an economical solution for your roofing project, while still protecting your building and increasing the life of your roof. Its foam construction allows for consistent airflow for ventilation and prevents weather element damage. 

FV1151″ thick for 7/8″ or lower rib heights20′1-1/2″15097.5

FastVent Plus

FastVent Plus provides ventilation and uniform air flow for the proper maintenance of metal roofs. These uniquely engineered, breathable closure strips eliminate any leak oaths into the ridge area by completely sealing against the panel profile. This form-fit reduces wind-driven rain problems to a minimum. Closed-cell polyethylene completely surrounds the open-cell venting foam. This profiled metal roofing ridge vent id designed for AG, R, and Standing Seam metal panels. 

FASPLUFastVent Plus Ag Panel3′1-3/4″75′253.2
FASPLURPFastVent Plus R Panel3′1-3/4″60′203.3
FASPLUSSFastVent Plus Standing Seam2′ 8″1 – 3/4″60′253.35
FASPLUAP FastVent Apex Panel 3″ 1-3/4″  75′25 4.00 

Make Your Ridge Vent Choice!

Picking the right ridge vent may be a challenge. There are several points to factor in when deciding your roof ridge vent. This can include your existing ventilation, the shape of your roof, wind direction, and sometimes the climate your building is located in. It’s always good to receive from an expert, so be sure to call a Product Specialist at Levi’s Building Components with any of your ridge vent or other metal roofing questions!

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