Square Base Extreme Angle
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Square Base Extreme Angle

A roof boot that fits when others don’t.

Most commonly used for tough angle pipes.

Part# Description Pcs/Bx Lb/Bx
EA1BLA 1/4" - 5 3/4" (Available in black only) 5 5.48
EA2HTRED 6" Red Hi Temp 5 5.48

Test to 70 hour@500pphm

Temp Resistance EPDM 500 Silicone
High Temp Resistance Intermittent +150˚C (+302˚F) +250˚C (+482˚F)
High Temp Resistance Continuous +115˚C (+239˚F) +200˚C (+392˚F)
Low temp resistance -50˚C (-58˚F) -50˚C (-58˚F)
Tensil set max 10MPa (1450 psi) 5MPa (700 psi)
Compression set max 25% 50%