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Alco Shield HT

Ice and Water Protector

Designed to be used under standing seam metal roofing, metal shingles and metal roof panels, Levi’s new Alco Shield HT Ice and Water Protector protects roofing structures against water from wind driven rain or ice dams.

Self-adhering for easy installation, this product is made in the USA and bonds directly to the roof substrate. Made of a polymer modified asphalt membrane, it is reinforced with fiberglass for a smooth, skid resistance surface. Alco Shield HT installs in most hot weather conditions and is self-sealing around nails, staples and screws. This product is excellent for use under metal, slate or tile and has a high temperature resistance of 240 degrees. Alco Shield HT meets or exceeds industry standards and residential/commercial codes ASTM D-1970.

Alco Shield HT is:

  • Self-adhering product for easy installation
  • Installs in most hot weather conditions
  • Meets or exceed industry standards and residential/commercial codes - ASTM D-1970
  • High temperature resistance of 240° F
  • Self Sealing: Seals around nails, staples and screws
  • Self-Adhering: Bonds directly to the roof substrate
  • Excellent for under metal, slate or tile
  • Made in the USA

Installation and Specs

Sweep roof deck to remove dirt and debris. The roof deck must be clean, smooth and free of moisture. If moisture is present, it will limit or inhibit adhesion. On re-roofing, remove all old material from roof deck area to be covered with ALCO SHIELD HT. Replace any damaged sheathing.

Weather Conditions
Apply when the air temperature is over 40° F (5° C) but below 100° F (38° C). If applied in temperatures below 40° F (5° C), ALCO SHIELD HT is stiffer and will not fully seal until it is warmed. If applied in temperatures above 100°F (38° C), it may become difficult to remove the release poly backing. If this situation should occur, move products into a shaded area until cool. Once cooled, the release poly backing can be easily removed.

ALCO SHIELD HT is applied directly to the surface of the roof deck. See carton for complete instructions. COLD WEATHER APPLICATION: Mechanically fasten to position membrane until it has bonded to the roof deck.

1.95 SQ Roll Covers Approximately 195 SF

ASTM D-1970

1.95 SQ Roll 36/Pallet


  • Should not be applied over shingles or underlayment of any sort
  • Should not be applied over damp surfaces
  • Should not be left exposed to sunlight for more than 90 days
  • CAUTION!! Surface can be slippery if wet orcovered with frost

Part # Length Width Pallet Lb/Box
Alco-Shield-HT 65' 36' 36 60