Jamesway Tools Slitter

The easy to use slitter from Jamesway Tools allows for fast on-site cuts to metal and vinyl panels. The Jamesway slitter is highly durable, portable, and can cut through metal up to 24 gauge. The tool is designed to be pushed or pulled without any power. The slitter will not scratch the metal, leaving a smooth cut and edge. The Jamesway slitter is made in America and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The slitter has a heavy-duty aluminum body with cutting wheels that can be sharpened or replaced. 

Other tools that can be used to cut metal panels on the job site...

Aviation Snips are used for making smaller cuts on metal panels. Red snips will cut curves to the left and green snips will cut curves to the right. Snips wipe the galvalume coating, have safety locks, and have a spring-loaded double pivot. 


Electric shears are generally used to make longer cuts in the panels. They will give you a clean and precise straight cut. The shears cuts 1/4 inch of metal off of the panel and leaves a smooth edge along the cut, wiping the galvalume coating over the edge of the cut for protection. Electric shears allow cuts to be made in several sheets of panel very efficiently. 


Metal Shears are used for bevel cutting standing seam panels at the hips and valleys and can fit on a screw gun/battery operated impact. The metal shears do not take extra metal off of the panels and leave a wavy/crooked edge. Metal shears wipes the galvalume coating to protect the edges. 



Nibblers can be used for cutting corrugations in the panels that makes cutting easy. Using a nibblers wipes the galvalume coating across the edge with a punch and die which leaves small half circles in the panels. Nibblers are easy to maneuver around curves and holes. 



Silk Saws are used for cuts that are parallel to corrugations or across them and can be cut straight of at an angle. The saw blade must be cool for the cutting edge to be smooth. If the saw blade is hot, it can melt the galvalume coating on the edge and leave the panel ineffective. 



It is very important to NOT use hacksaws, abrasive blades, grinders, torches, or reciprocating saws to cut panels on a jobsite. These tools can be damaging to the panels. All of these tools are tools that generate heat and can melt the galvalume coating making the product ineffective causing the edges that were cut to rust in time. 

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