Wholesale Post Frame Building Accessory Co.

Barn with metal roofing, snow defender snow guards

Pole barn builders can find numerous supplies at Levi’s Building Components for their post-frame construction needs. We supply many of the leading post-frame companies in the U.S. because we provide a one-stop shop for our pole barn builders and metal roofing contractors. We are committed to providing high quality metal building products at wholesale prices, which is how we’ve become a leader in this industry, and why post-frame building contractors rely on us to supply materials to help them complete their jobs.

Pole Barn/Post Frame Materials

Levi’s Building Components offers products for agricultural and post-frame building construction; when you’re looking for a component manufacturer for metal buildings, there is no one more qualified than us. Here are some of the more commonly used products within the post-frame industry that we maintain in-stock:

Pole Building Supplies & Accessories

You can find numerous accessories to complete your pole barn building job at Levi’s Building Components. Our products lend themselves well to any pole building you’re trying to construct: garages, horse barns, sheds, warehouses, storage structures, shops, etc. Our selection is vast and many of our products are available in multiple colors to match any metal roofing panel you’re working with.

Our Snow guards are the perfect accessory to any metal roof, and our biggest seller, as we are the top snow guard manufacturer for post-frame building. If you’d like to add a finishing touch to your roof our snow defenders are the best you can buy, plus, we offer next-day shipping! We offer both metal and clear polycarbonate snow guards to help prevent massive snow slides and huge sheets of ice from plummeting off your roof and destroying property, or even worse, harming someone.


Pole Barn Builders

Pole building contractors from all over the United States and Canada work with our metal roofing materials and stainless steel screws to finish their pole barn projects, such as Wagler Builders who built this weight room below for a football team in New Jersey. Post-frame builders turn to Levi’s Building Components time and time again due to our exceptional warranties, unmatched customer service, and competitive pricing.

Where To Buy?

Levi’s Building Components are available at most metal roofing dealers, roll formers, and lumber yards who sell metal roofing. Our products have a nationwide reach and are sold all over the U.S. Click here to find the sales rep nearest you!