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Fastgrip Screws

Levi's Fastgrip Screws

With a variety of screws to choose from in the Fastgrip™ line, you’ll find Levi’s has the perfect fastener for your job.

Choose from 40 plus in-stock colors that can ship immediately or request a color match and still receive timely shipping. Call us for Free Samples of anything you see!

The paint stays on a Levi’s Fastgrip™ screw during installation and builders prefer our fasteners for reliability and longevity in metal roofing projects. Our tight sealing EPDM washers provide superior performance for you and your customer.

Fastgrip Screws are Best for Metal to Wood Fastening

Fastgrip Screws

Fastgrip 10

#10 Galvanized Roofing Screws with Hi-Lo Threads

Our #10 galvanized roofing screws with Hi-Lo threads are some of the best in the industry. #10’s are available in five sizes – and the Hi-Lo threads provide better holding power and easy installation.


Plastic Snow Guards

The Fastgrip™ #10 Hi-Lo MINI-DRILLER™ has all of the specs that make the Fastgrip™ #10 Hi-Lo the go-to fastener, but with the added MINI-DRILLER™ point.

#9 SS Screw

Our stainless steel #9 SS screw is superior due to the “true” sizing of its ½” diameter washer. We back up its performance with our 50 year warranty. Available in six sizes, our #9 SS easily drills through aluminum panels.

#14 Roofing Screws

Plastic Snow Guards

Ensure superior holding power for OSB and plywood with our #14 roofing screws. Offering great pull out resistance, #14 roof screws are available in 4 sizes.

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