Metal Building Supply Company

Builders can find frequently used supplies at Levi’s Building Components for all of their metal building industry needs. We supply many of the metal building supply companies in the U.S. because we offer numerous products which make the job easier. Levi’s takes pride in offering superior customer service, quality products at the right price and a one-stop shop for easy purchase.

Metal Roofing Components

Levi’s provides metal roofing components from concept to completion for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. Some of the many types of buildings include community centers, fire halls, warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing, shops, park facilities, horse riding arenas, chicken houses, barns and egg-producing chicken houses.

Metal Building Construction

A metal building provides ease in construction and longevity for the project. They also help provide a larger, open-span without support beams appearing in the middle of the space. Other types of building construction can’t meet this need. In particular, ice rinks, horse riding and other sports arenas benefit from bigger open areas.

“Pre-engineered buildings are put together like an erector set,” says Tim Martin, Levi’s North East Sales Representative, “all the pieces are engineered and designed to fit together so there is no cutting.” This type of construction, considered value engineering, has a cost savings which can be considerable. “Everything is shipped to the job site,” says Tim, “making this type of construction process easy and affordable as well as functional and attractive.”

Metal Building Industry Supplies

Levi’s is committed to supporting the builder through pre-engineered steel building projects by offering the very best in-stock building components.

Our metal to metal fasteners are available in numerous colors, are quick shipping qualified, and top notch in quality. Metalgrip is for exposed fastener panel and ProZ SD is a step-up in quality which provides self-drill capability. “A good alternative for the standard metal to metal fastener,” comments Bart Bishop, Levi’s Mid-West Sales Rep, “is our #12 ProZ zinc aluminum alloy cap. “While this product is a higher initial investment compared to the typical wet painted or powder coated product, the added value of performance backed with Levi’s 50 year warranty, the additional cost to the building owner is minimal. I see customers moving in the direction of quality and separating themselves from their competition”, Bart says.

Pole Building Contractors

Our self-drilling pancake screws made to go into metal – they easily fasten to clips that hold standing seam roofing. Our Screws with Wings are zinc plated and fasten wood to heavy gauge metal. Use our self-drilling screws with wings to attach wood to heavy gauge metal. Wings pre-drill the wood and the strength of the drill point handles heavier steel with ease.

Our 6500 and 85RF DECO Snow Defender snow guards are the perfect accessory to any metal standing seam roof. We can match anyone’s metal to our snow guard colors and we offer numerous quick ship colors that can get to you with next-day shipping! The Snow Defender 6500 fits standing seam up to 3/8” wide and most 1” through 1-3/4” seam height while the 85RF DECO is so versatile it adjusts to vertical seam profiles using S-5! Clamps. The Snow Defender 4500 and Snow Defender 1500 are ideal for exposed fastener panel on steel purlins. All are made of 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel and made in the USA. In addition, we’re an official S5! and ColorGard Distributor and our color guard clamps can fit any standing seam.

Our DEKS Roof Boots are available in all sizes from ¼” to 19”. Use Deckstrip for industrial applications to install fan or exhaust hoods. Deckstrip gives expandable edge flashing that stretches to any shape then seals and stays put! Use Titebond Weathermaster metal roof sealant for unbeatable adhesion and permanent flexibility available in matching colors.

We offer numerous underlayments to suit every building need. Roloshield is lightweight and stronger than felt. It’s water resistant, is speedy to install and has a low install cost. Lifetime, 50 year and 25 year varieties of Roloshield are available.

Also check out our numerous metal roofing closure materials – including EmsealFloVentFastVent PlusQuicklath and the economical Universal Closure.

Where To Buy?

We make it easy to request information or samples of our products. Click on our Free Sample request button on the sidebar at left or call us 877-897-7020. Our experts are standing by to send you a catalog or to answer your questions. Let our Customer Service Team help you with all your metal building component needs.