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Post Frame Construction Made Easy with Levi’s Building Components

pole barn garage

Post-frame construction is a quick, affordable and adaptable engineered wood-frame building system. The name comes from the large poles or posts buried in the ground that are essential to the entire structure. Often called pole barns –they can be large custom buildings or garages and not barns at all! Today they are engineered to meet the highest quality standards, codes, and regulations and considered highly functioning structures in a variety of styles.

Also known under names such as post and frame, pole building, and pole building framing – Pole barns are one of the most economical and easy ways to build a solid building. This strong and long lasting construction is adaptable for a variety of uses in commercial, agricultural and residential building needs. Whether a simple garage, storage or horse barn or an elaborate equestrian facility – the adaptability and money saved will allow for the quick construction of a structure over a traditionally constructed building. Post frame is also an easier building method allowing for the easy addition of doors, interior walls, windows, wiring, and plumbing. The variety of uses for this type of building becomes endless as an additional loft, workshops, separate office space, craft room or decks can be added to projects easily.

Types of Pole Buildings

Pole Barn Building

Many builders are post-frame specialists and provide their own crews with custom design, engineering and building expertise. They can take you right through the permit process for a quick and affordable building. Some garages go up in less than a week! Post-frame construction is now the method of choice for many agricultural, commercial, industrial, residential, religious and public building needs including: garages, animal barns, lumber or farm equipment barns, RV and boat storage, emergency/road equipment or salt storage and livestock or picnic shelters. Custom jobs often include indoor riding arenas, gyms, restaurants, cabins, car washes, dairy storage, antique car garages, machine sheds and workshops.

Horse Barn Stalls

One of the most popular pole barn type buildings is constructed to house horses and can incorporate custom features such as an office or living quarters, exterior decks, and custom stalls. Horses have unique needs and the pole barn construction has filled a niche providing durable buildings that hold up in wet and cold weather (no mold, rot or rust) and provide safer metal kick proof panels for the horses which will not result in wood splinter injuries.

As one of the top metal roofing product suppliers in PA, it is our goal to provide you with wholesale products to complete your post-frame construction. Some of the most common pole buildings our products contribute to are:

• Commercial Pole Buildings: restaurants, gyms, churches, salt sheds, car washes, production shops, golf club houses, museums, cabinet maker shops and beer distributors.
• Post Frame Garages: cars, trucks, tractor trailers, farm equipment, motorcycles, boats, fire engines, RV’s including motorhomes and trailers and airplanes.
• Post Frame Storage Buildings To House: animals such as horses, pigs or cows, or store hay, lumber, salt, concrete or antique car collections.

Pole Barn Building Materials

Levi’s Building Components carries post frame building supplies to make your job easier. Listed below are just a few examples of our pole building materials offered, feel free to click the link and learn more about each product:

Installing Snow Guards

FastVent Plus
Fastgrip #10 Screws
Butyl Tape
Closure Strips
Snow Defenders
Uplift Plate
Replacement Screws
Roof Boots
Roloshield Underlayment

Custom Pole Barns

Red Pole Barn

The idea that a pole barn structure as an unsightly box is a fabrication! There are many external façade options including color coordinated siding, roofing, screws and snow guards to customize and provide virtually any look for a pole barn. Existing buildings, such as older barns, may be restored and given a new look without sacrificing the original building. Almost any type of exterior façade can be installed on a post-frame building and the construction takes place right on site – not off-site where errors can occur.

Large post-frame buildings are also designed to be energy efficient for both heating and cooling and are easier to insulate than other types of construction. This makes them very effective as a climate controlled building –able to be insulated with R-19 in the walls and R-30 or more in the ceiling. Large unbroken areas to insulate are a key factor in using 8’ on center posts in the pole barn construction.

Post Frame Riding Arena

Post frame structures also have a faster construction time due to their larger posts and interlocking frame. A pole barn consists of a framed design of wood trusses attached to a vertically designed support system with additional secondary structural members such as wall headers, roof purlins and wall girts for supporting exterior siding and roofing. The use of large posts placed in the foundation provides the structural support with a solid horizontal strength. These posts hold up the building while assuring the building walls will stay straight and square. If these posts are not installed on a proper footer, they could sink or shift. This is why it is important to seek a reputable post frame builder who has years of experience in this type of construction.

The post frame building technique is being wildly adapted in the building industry as it grows in popularity. Unique “hybrid” buildings are being created that incorporate studs, steel, and masonry. Observe the number of pole barns you see on your next long drive – you will be surprised how many uses this type of building has…and remember that Levi’s Building Components is here to help with all of your post frame construction needs!

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