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  Discover information on Metal Roof Building Components and news about the latest in Levi’s Building Component offerings by checking back frequently at Levi’s blog. Our company experts weigh in on varying topics related to metal roofing and the products that make installation easier.
  Levi’s offers over 1,600 metal roofing accessories and fasteners that can help make your job go smoothly. Let our 40 years of experience be your source for building your business and creating satisfied customers. News from the name you trust – Levi’s.

Weather Master X-Treme Foam

Levi’s Building Components is proud to announce that we are now stocking Weather Master X-Treme Foam. Weather Master X-Treme foam comes in three varieties: Multi-Purpose, Window & Door and Fireblock. Weather Master X-Treme Foam takes performance to the extreme by offering a higher yield than other sealants, setting sooner than other sealants, being easy to […]

Introducing the New Spring Hex Nut Setters

Levi’s building Components has officially started stocking the Spring Hex Nut Setters. These nut setters feature a spring with ball bearing to secure the screw during installation. This ball bearing replaces the need for a magnetic setter, allowing the user to avoid trapped metal debris. The Spring Hex Nut Setters works great with the Fastgrip™ […]

The New Snow Defender 7500 Deco™

Introducing the SnowDefender 7500 Deco™ Based on the design of the popular SnowDefender™ 6500, this color matched, 304 stainless steel model has the more traditional, historic look of a cast snowguard. The decorative cutouts are embossed for increased strength and the proven attachment method using set screws means the SnowDefender™ 7500 DECO™ will last the life […]

Meet Roloshield, The Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

Contractor friendly, Roloshield™, is lightweight, stronger than felt and is faster to install. Use less rolls to cover more roof and lower your installed cost by using this 100% polypropylene synthetic roofing underlayment. Roloshield features three different levels of protection: Roloshield™ 25 Year Warranty Roloshield™ 50 Year Warranty Roloshield™ Lifetime Warranty (limited) Roloshield™ Lifetime is […]

Making the Metal Roofing Choice Part 2

Making the Metal Roofing Choice Part 2 The Last Roof You’ll Ever Need for Your Home . . . Second in a 2-part series . . . Standing Seam Metal Roofing By Tim Martin and Cindi Kimmel In our last blog, we discussed the benefits of metal roofing in general and more specifically exposed fastener […]

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