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  Discover information on Metal Roof Building Components and news about the latest in Levi’s Building Component offerings by checking back frequently at Levi’s blog. Our company experts weigh in on varying topics related to metal roofing and the products that make installation easier.
  Levi’s offers over 1,600 metal roofing accessories and fasteners that can help make your job go smoothly. Let our 40 years of experience be your source for building your business and creating satisfied customers. News from the name you trust – Levi’s.

Making the Metal Roofing Choice Part 2

Making the Metal Roofing Choice Part 2 The Last Roof You’ll Ever Need for Your Home . . . Second in a 2-part series . . . Standing Seam Metal Roofing By Tim Martin and Cindi Kimmel In our last blog, we discussed the benefits of metal roofing in general and more specifically exposed fastener […]

Snow Defender Calculator

Using Levi’s Mobile-Friendly Snow Defender Calculator Levi’s Building Components Snow Defender Levi’s can help with the correct installation of snow guards on any roof. Use our mobile friendly Snow Defender Calculator located on our website and easily calculate how many guards you need in what pattern. Put Safety First Key factors like location and snow […]

Branding Your Company

Embracing Product Branding to Help a Company Grow Levi’s Building Components, a nationally recognized metal roofing product supplier jumps on board with branding their products   Branding Product Awareness The idea to use branding in order to create product awareness and customer following was one our small, but growing company embraced. Starting out, we were […]

Meet the FloVent Family of Products

Metal Roofing Ridge Venting By Cindi Kimmel Compresses to Fill Voids FloVent’s job is to compress and conform to fill voids to prevent weather damage. Available in three sizes, FloVent products can fit any roof panel configuration and can be used with any manufacturer’s ridge cap. FloVent 112 – 1-1/2” (for 7/8” or lower rib […]

Re-roofing Made Easy with Quicklath

Easy to use metal roofing spacer material – Quicklath By Cindi Kimmel Levis, metal building component experts with almost 40 years’ experience in the industry, can help make the installation of a new metal roof over an existing shingle roof an easier process. Use our Quicklath product and give your customers a higher quality end-job […]

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