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Metal Roof Snow Guards

Snow Guards

Snow Guards Save People and Property

It’s cold outside and the snow is falling, which can be great for building a snowman, but disastrous when it collects on your metal roof. Snow buildup on a roof is dangerous as it often turns into big sheets of ice and causes potential harm to those down below, which is why the spectacularly engineered snow guards offered by Levi’s Building Components are the perfect solution to prevent a snow mishap.

Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

Metal roof snow guards are a snow retention device that is used to prevent snow from avalanching off of sloped metal roofs. Instead, these snow brackets hold the snowfall on the roof until it can melt off gradually; without snow slide prevention frozen precipitation can accumulate and descend in one big mass. Anything in the way of the massive wall of snow or frozen sheet of ice, including people, plants, and property are at risk. Levi’s snow guards allow the snow to melt off in small amounts while preventing ice damming at the roof’s edge.
Snow guard for metal roofs, installed properly, can prevent snow slides that can be a danger to pedestrians, landscapes, parked vehicles and gutter systems. We encourage you to save money in potential property damage this winter by installing our 55RF Snow Defender to your standing seam metal roofs; it’s our most versatile snow guard to date!

A quality snow guard will outlast your roof and suit your sense of style on any metal building structure. Our guards are constructed from a high grade stainless steel. We offer many different styles to fit various metal roof types as well as fade resistance color coatings in a variety of choices.

Levi’s Building Components also offers a handy online snow guard calculator to quickly help you figure out how many snow guards you will need for your metal roof. If you require further assistance you can reach out to our knowledgeable sales staff at 877-897-7020 or email and we can discuss the layout of the snow guards and which type of snow defender will suit your roof best in order to protect yourself from potentially costly snow and ice damage this winter.

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