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Branding Your Company

Embracing Product Branding to Help a Company Grow

Levi’s Building Components, a nationally recognized metal roofing product supplier jumps on board with branding their products


Branding Product Awareness

The idea to use branding in order to create product awareness and customer following was one our small, but growing company embraced. Starting out, we were well aware of the fact that a brand wraps up a promise of value in its identification of a product. In the new era of marketing, company loyalty is about creating a connection between brand awareness and the consumer.

The Branding Process

The process, as we discovered, is more than just logo re-design. We needed to focus our efforts on appealing to the people who care about our product. How to make them notice and remember us became key questions.

Over the last year, we have successfully navigated the mindset that accompanies re-branding and directed our efforts by forward-thinking into all facets of our marketing plan. Key areas of integration were our product catalog, company website, and new product box designs.

Both our 4-color, 40-page catalog and our website showcase our numerous product offerings – anything from our popular Snow Defender line of snow guards to fasteners and closures meant for metal roof construction. It was a wide array of products we needed to bring together. Our focus was on taking our branding efforts and making them cohesive with everything – including our boxes.

We accomplished this by adding color to our main product logos which we keyed in with each catalog page-tab color and then each box color. We used bright blue, red, both dark and light green and orange colors. It was no accident that our color choices represented what we wanted consumers to remember about our products. For example, our long-time line of Snow Defender Snow Guards became blue both indicating trust and snow while our Fastgrip brand indicates a powerful fastener by using the color red.

Brand Appeal

Branded ProCap Boxes

To make our boxes more interesting, we included fun sayings that made them memorable. Making fasteners and screws attention-grabbing was a challenge but we came up with some fun sayings like “Our Fasteners Are Amazing! Get your Box” and “This is the Box you need for a Good Grip”.

Then, we created stickers for the boxes that coordinated in the catalog as well with numbers and style type for each of our fasteners. Our line was vast; we had to come up with a simple method that would allow for easy identification. All of this worked cohesively with our website as well. We added the color logos to the main page and throughout each product page. Not only did the look carry through but all the products identifying factors. Our product showcase areas were now looking and feeling the same for our customers.

The process of updating numerous logos can sometimes be painful. We worked through each re-design in a major meeting that included thinking ahead on color. Then, we brought our ideas and honed in on the “right fit” for each product. Box transition was more complicated, working with suppliers in different time zones proved challenging but not impossible. Patience in getting to the end product was important as we worked through changing everything in our catalog and our website. This process took several months.

Branded ProZ Boxes

Rebranding Success

The end product was well worth the effort. Levi’s has increased product brand awareness by making our products easy to spot on the shelves of our distributors and the job sites of their customers. In addition, our catalog and website have become easy, reliable references our customers can refer to directly in the showroom or out in the field.

It has taken some time, but we’re finally starting to see all the different colored boxes arrive in our warehouse. When the product branding plan is complete, it will transform what our customers see in the field.

By Cindi Kimmel, Marketing Director. Levis is a wholesale metal roofing supply company based in the heart of Lancaster County – Leola, PA.

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