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It’s always nice to have a TOP 10 List

Maybe you’re missing David Letterman’s nightly fun on this topic.

The fasteners you choose are just as important as that decision you made to reap the benefits of building with metal. A quality fastener ensures benefits like energy-efficiency, lowering homeowner’s insurance and the long life associated with metal construction.

Check out the article “Top 10 Things to Look for in Metal Roof Fasteners” in the February issue of Metal Construction News. Tim Martin, regional sales manager and Cindi Kimmel Marketing Manager for Levi’s Building Components have compiled a helpful Top 10 list that will help you match the correct fastener to your metal construction job.

Levi’s Quality made Fasteners

Read the article then click on the links below to learn more about Levi’s quality made and quick shipping fasteners:

    Replacement Fastener

  1. ProZSD – Zinc Aluminum Alloy Cap
  2. Metalgrip – #3 point
  3. Metalgrip – #5 point
  4. ProCap – Stainless Steel Cap
  5. Stainless Steel Replacement Fastener with large washer
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