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Levi’s NEW Mobile-Friendly Snow Defender Calculator

Putting Safety First in Snow Guard Placement Design

March 2016

Snow guards control the movement of snow and ice. Correct placement of snow guards is influenced by roof pitch, length of roof runs and other roof features. On the job, the importance of placing snow guards correctly on a roof cannot be underestimated.

To aid in choosing the ideal snow guards and placement on your metal roof, Levi’s has converted their web based calculator to a mobile friendly one. Our mobile Snow Defender Calculator will help you to accurately calculate how many Levis Snow Defenders are needed for your job in a matter of seconds by entering in key data. Then, easily download each Snow Defender’s installation instructions. Even download a quick and easy short cut icon to your phone screen.

Key factors like location and snow guard product attachment contribute to the effectiveness of your roof for years to come. Protect pedestrians, landscape, parking areas, mechanical equipment and gutters by using the correct and safe way to install snow guards.

The three leading blunders in snow guard installation are an insufficient number of rows of protection, incorrect snow guard placement or simply not enough snow guards to do the job. Don’t fall victim to these pitfalls – use Levi’s Snow Defender Calculator.

Need help determining the correct and safe way to install Levi’s Snow Defenders? Contact the Levi’s Team at 877-897-7020 or email .

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