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Metal Roof Snow Guards
Posted Tuesday January 20, 2015

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Wholesale Snow Guard Dealer

Metal Roofing Supplies

Levi's Building Components is a nationally recognized metal roofing products supplier, for all of your wholesale supply needs. Whether you're constructing a pole building or installing a metal roof on your garage, we have all the metal roof supplies you need. If you're looking for a metal building supply company, contact us today!

As a roofing material supplier, we specialize in snow guards, roofing screws and accessories for metal roofs. Our metal roof supply is vast, and you will love our prompt shipment and quality building components.

Snow Guards For Metal Roofs

We offer wholesale metal roof snow guards and clear polycarbonate snow guards that will help restrain snow and ice on your roof; no large banks of snow or ice will fall on anyone or anything below your post frame building. Snow guards allow the snow and ice to melt and drop off in small amounts, instead of one big avalanche! We can help prevent a snow slide on your metal roof and avoid serious damage to people, pets, cars, landscaping, gutters and more. To ensure that your building is safe, take a much needed precaution with our metal roof snow guards. All of our snow guards accommodate any roof type and are offered in many different styles and color options to choose from. With over 40 powder coated colors in stock, our patented Snow Defender™ metal roofing snow guards are ready to ship to you today!

Metal Roofing Screws

Levi's Building Components is not only a leading nationwide wholesale supplier of snow guards, but metal roof screws as well. We have an extensive inventory of metal roofing screws, including Fastgrip™, Metalgrip™, replacement screws, stainless steel cap screws, pancake head screws and other exterior grade fasteners. Our fastener head painting is done in-house, so we can make certain that the product you receive is high quality, competitively priced and shipped quickly.

Metal Roofing Accessories

You can count on Levi's Building Components for all of your roofing supplies and accessories; we offer an ample line of metal roof materials to help you complete any roof job. We carry metal wrap, butyl tape, synthetic roof underlayment, roof flashing, roofing nails, Titebond® caulk, closure strips, driver bits, rivets, expanding foam sealant, metal roofing ridge vent, Quicklath™, and DEKS roof boots to name a few.